Two adirondack chairs overlooking the lake. Chatham-Kent logo and stamp of "Canada's Best Places to Live" overtop.

Canadian cities were ranked based on wealth and the economy, affordability, population growth, taxes, commute, crime, weather, access to health care, amenities and culture.

The Municipality of Chatham-Kent and Council have been focused on resident attraction and retention (RAR) in the community since 2011 when the census showed a -4.2% population decline. Efforts target young people (aged 15-39), immigrant newcomers, and active retiree populations to address the decline, and continue through the CK Plan 2035. The latest census, from 2016, reports a reduction in the total population decline (to -2%) and improvements in all target population groups.

Mayor Hope said, "The census data, and national recognition on lists like MoneySense's, show we are going in a positive direction and Chatham-Kent is an attractive place to live. These highlight the importance of continuing community initiatives to secure Chatham-Kent's future for upcoming generations."

Along with affordable housing and declining unemployment, Chatham-Kent provides a high quality of life, great climate, short commute times, safe communities, and access to amenities that people are looking for.

The That's LivingCK initiative was launched in 2017 to promote the great quality of life and opportunities that exist in Chatham-Kent. The campaign celebrates what local residents are doing in Chatham-Kent and highlights opportunities for others to get involved. Whether it's the history and culture, being involved in the community, time for friends and family, being active and exploring the outdoors, "or starting a business with the whole community behind you," there are many reasons that people are calling Chatham-Kent home.

"CK has been featured in the Globe & Mail as a retirement hotspot, on the Point2Homes' list of Millennial Hotspots, and now has increased on MoneySense's Best Places to Live in Canada list. It's great to see the effort of community groups to make Chatham-Kent attractive for residents, of all ages and backgrounds, is recognized and our story is getting out there." said Victoria Bodnar, Resident Attraction and Retention Coordinator, with the Municipality of Chatham-Kent.

The Municipality of Chatham-Kent is increasing efforts to attract and retain residents by focusing on talent attraction to meet local labour market needs. Targeted attraction efforts have begun which support employers that have had difficulty filling labour market needs locally. These efforts will help to not only fill workforce needs but will help address population decline.