Where did you grow up?  

I was born and raised in Chatham. 

What was your first job?  

Like many, my very first job was corn-detasseling during the summer months.

What is your favourite Chatham-Kent pastime?  

Growing up, my family lived close to Kingston Park so we spent lots of time there tobaggoning on the hill in the winter months and playing with our friends at the park all summer.  Now that I have children, Kingston Park is such a great place for my daughters.  The splash pad is top-notch, and the variety of play equipment, picnic shelters, movie nights at the park and summer camps have made this a favorite spot for my children as well. 

What is your favourite season?  

My favorite season is spring.  There's something about the season of new life that just puts me in a good mood!  And especially if we had a really long winter.  To see flowers blooming, hear birds chirping and feel the sunlight and warmth definitely puts a spring in my step!

Name an experience that has positively motivated you.  

I was incredibly motivated to succeed when I purchased a commercial building and completed major renovations to fullfill my dream of owning a spa.  It was an exciting (and nerve-racking) time of my life and with the help of many family members, friends and local trades people, I got to see my vision transform into reality.  To this day, there is a sense of pride and accomplishment when I walk through the doors of Radiance. It motivates me everyday to make the spa experience enjoyable for everyone who also walks through those doors.

What did you do after high school?  

After graduating highschool, I moved to Peterborough, Ontario to attend Sir Sandford Fleming College for the 3 year Massage Therapy program. After successfully completing the Board exams, I returned to my hometown of Chatham to begin my career.

What are you doing now? 

I am the owner of Radiance Massage Therapy & Spa Inc. and a practising Massage Therapist for almost 14 years.  For five years, I owned Advanced Therapeutic Massage Clinic until Radiance opened its doors in January 2007.   Over the years, we have continued to grow and expand our services.  We currently have 7 Registered Massage Therapists, 5 Certified Estheticians, 3 Receptionists, a Chiropractor, Reflexologist, and 2 Laser Technicians.

Why did you come back to Chatham-Kent?  

I came back to Chatham-Kent for a variety of reasons.  At the time, massage therapy was just starting to be recognized in the health care field and I knew that I could successfully build a practice here.  And for me, my first clients were friends and family who were supportive of my venture and cheering me on along the way.   I also knew when I came back to Chatham that I wanted to have a family one day.  I now have 3 daughters who are thriving at an excellent school, involved in many local activities, programs through our church, and sports both in the winter and summer.  They are proof that Chatham-Kent is a great place to raise a family! 

Why live in Chatham-Kent?  

Chatham-Kent isn't just a Municipality.  It's a community.  We work together to support others.  And I've seen it time and time again.  Whether is rallying together fill the food bank shelves, supporting a local child with cancer or getting us the top spot on the Canadian Monopoly game, our community really pulls together whenever there is a need. Chatham-Kent is unique in that we have a lot of  the amenities of a bigger city, and yet we are surrounded by rich farmland and agriculture, lakes and beaches and close to several US borders.  But aside from that, we are a community of people who work together for the greater good of the place where we live, work and play-  a place we call Chatham-Kent. A place I call home.