Jessica BlainWhere did you grow up? 

Chatham, ON.

What was your first job?

Working for The Chatham Daily News, delivering newspapers in our neighbourhood.

What is your favourite Chatham-Kent pastime? 

I love coming to town to spend time with my family and closest friends, and of course dining at local restaurants!

What is your favourite season?

I absolutely LOVE summertime. Theres nothing better than feeling the summertime sun shining down on you, seeing some amazing landscaping in the community and watching our son play outside while enjoying the beautiful weather. This is also the busiest season for my business. Weddings are a must for me! I love everything about a wedding, especially the hair! I am booked nearly every Saturday morning in the summer for weddings and I love everything about those mornings.

Name an experience that has positively motivated you.

I am positively motivated every day at my job. I could not picture having a more rewarding job than the one I have now. I get to spend every day at work meeting wonderful people and I try my hardest every day to make them feel beautiful and refreshed. The friendships I gain from my job are so incredibly special I can’t begin to express how blessed I am to be where I am today. Without my AMAZING clientele, I could not do what I do every day. They know I am here for any hair needs, or just a friend to talk to. I have the most wonderful support from my husband and parents to make sure I am always available for my clients at any call. To see a permanent smile on a woman’s face after having her hair done is enough to keep me motivated forever where I am at.

What did you do after high school?

After high school I decided to stay in Chatham and work for one year until deciding to make the move to Windsor to attend Marvel. I then proceeded with a one year program to learn the basics of hairdressing to take my next step in apprenticing back in Chatham. I chose a local salon to start my hours for one short year, until moving on to two other salons in the following four years.

What are you doing now?

I am now the sole owner and stylist at Simply Gorjess Salon in Chatham. After making my last move from a salon that I loved, I decided my clientele was sufficient enough to jump out on a limb solo and try something new. This was the scariest thing that I could have imagined and has been the best four years of my life. Not only at work but at home. Enjoying and loving what you do makes happiness for everyone you are surrounded by. I am beyond blessed with my son, husband, family and of course – my business!

Why live in Chatham-Kent?

I love every aspect of living in Chatham-Kent. I love the people and our community, especially how local businesses all support one another. The accessibility to everything in Chatham is ideal, and to top it off we are very fortunate to have less expensive living costs as well. I am so proud to say that I am born and raised in Chatham-Kent, and my husband, myself and my family will all take part in raising my son in the same community.