The CK to the Power of Young People Advisory Group posing around the CK^y banner with Mayor Canniff, against a brick wall.

The CK^y Advisory Group was created in 2018 as a response to feedback from the Chatham-Kent to the Power of Young People, 2017 Survey which revealed that only 22% of young people feel their contributions to Chatham-Kent are valued. The CK^y Advisory Group facilitates discussions amongst young people and provides feedback to Municipal Council and community organizations on matters that impact the attraction, retention, and engagement of young people locally.

Follow the activities of the CK^y Advisory Group here and over social media on Facebook and InstagramTo speak with a member of the CK^y Advisory Group, and share your thoughts and opinions, email!

CK^y 2020 Survey

The CK to the Power of Young People Advisory Group is looking for feedback on life in Chatham-Kent and what matters to the young people (aged 15 - 39) living here. The survey should take between 5 - 10 minutes and responses will help the CKy Advisory Group to learn more about what is important to young people (aged 15 - 39) in Chatham-Kent and what the CK^y Advisory Group should be focusing on.

Complete the survey at by September 30, 2020.

2020 Applications

The CK^y Advisory Group is recruiting new members during the month of September 2020. Existing CK^y Advisory Group members will review applications in October and notify successful applications in November, 2020, with a start date of January 2021.

The Advisory Group will consist of up to 14 members, aged 15-39, who work, live, or study in Chatham-Kent. Efforts will be made to gain membership that is reflective of Chatham-Kent's population in terms of race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, ability, and economic status, as well as represent diverse areas of knowledge, expertise, and interest. Members will also represent the geography of Chatham-Kent. The CK^y Advisory Group members are expected to attend at least four of six annual meetings.

To apply, please visit by September 30, 2020. 

If you would like a hard copy of the application, please email or call 519-360-1998 to request one.

CK^y Advisory Group Members

Stephen Marklevitz


Man in a plad shirt with the CK^y logo and LivingCK logo in bottom right corner

I was born and raised in Stratford, ON. Moved to Halifax, NS in 2002 to attended Dalhousie University before returning to London, ON in 2007 for graduate school at the University of Western Ontario. I moved to Chatham-Kent in 2014 to work for the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry as a Fisheries Biologist in Wheatley, ON. Since moving to Chatham-Kent in 2014, my wife and I have discovered a lot of CK's hidden gems and have seen CK's potential. My motivation for joining CK^y is to help promote this potential and make CK a great place to raise our children. 

Colin Chrysler


Man in a white shirt with the CK^y logo and LivingCK logo in bottom right corner

Meg Lyttle


Woman in a floral blazer, t with the CK^y logo and LivingCK logo in bottom right corner

Meg Lyttle grew up outside of Toronto, relocating to Chatham-Kent in 2008. With a background in Marketing and HR, she set forth to become a Real Estate Agent. After several years in the business, Meg, being an Entrepreneur at heart, opened her own brokerage. Nest Realty Inc. was born and since then, she has successfully grown her brokerage to be one of the most innovative and best in CK. With a philosophy as working collaboratively and not competitively, the Nest approach is that of team work and family. Meg's passions lie in anything entrepreneurial. She has a love for branding and planning, and enjoys all the behind-the-scenes work. When she isn't working, she is spending time with her husband, her daughter, her son and her two frenchies. Meg has been a part of many volunteer boards and committees, and is committed to attracting and retaining a youthful vibrancy to CK.

Ye Chen


Woman in a plad shirt with the CK^y logo and LivingCK logo in bottom right corner

I came to Chatham in 2014 from China when I was 24. Starting completely new in this country and community to finish my degree, get a job, get married, and have kids was a huge challenge. I have struggled through the same problems as other young people have been through and I truly hope to contribute to make Chatham Kent a better place for young people to live. I believe that every single youth in this community could make a change if we come together work on the problems to make this community a better place for youth. 

April Colby


Laura Wheeler


Morena McDonald


Woman in black shirt and scarf, with the CK^y and LivingCK logos overlayed in bottom corner

I grew up in Ridgetown and moved back to the community in 2011 after living in Toronto and attending U of T. It was difficult to find a job when I moved back, so I started an Etsy Shop selling handmade wedding décor. From there, I got into event planning and turned it into a business. Presently, I am known for organizing events such as Etsy: Made in Canada and the Dresden Night Market. I also work part-time at 99.1FM as a reporter and afternoon news anchor. I joined the CK^y Advisory Group to help other young people discover the unique opportunities that exist in Chatham-Kent. I also hope to encourage people of all ages to move to the area to take advantage of our affordable cost of living and growing community.

Eric VanDamme


Man in suit with the CK to the Power of Young People and LivingCK logos overlayed. Brick wall in background

I was born and raised in Wallaceburg and easily decided to make this community my home. I am a firm believer that Chatham-Kent is an excellent place to to Live, Learn, Work, and Play. My objective with CK^y is to continue promoting Chatham-Kent by contributing to the discussion on how to make sure the amazing opportunities that exist here are known by those who live here or are looking for a place to establish themselves. While living in Chatham-Kent, I completed both my Computer Programmer diploma from Lambton College, and Bachelor in Management and Organizational Studies at the University of Western Ontario. I have had the opportunity to work in the Information Technology field for various organizations and am currently employed as Chief Information Officer at Eternity's Touch. I also contribute to various boards and committees as a way of giving back to the community that has provided me with much to be proud of.