Chatham-Kent to the Power of Young People, Advisory Group

The Municipality of Chatham-Kent’s Resident Attraction and Retention area is looking for members to be part of a newly formed Chatham-Kent to the Power of Young People (aged 15-39) - CKy Advisory Group. 

The CKy Advisory Group is being created as a response to feedback from the Chatham-Kent to the Power of Young People, 2017 Survey which revealed that only 22% of young people feel their contributions to Chatham-Kent are valued. The CKy Advisory Group will facilitate discussions amongst young people and provide feedback to Municipal Council on matters that impact the attraction, retention, and engagement of young people locally, in order to help ensure young people's voices are heard.

This is a unique opportunity for young people to be engaged in issues that concern them, across sectors and from diverse viewpoints, and enables young people to help solve community problems with other decision-makers. The CKy Advisory Group will review existing reports on the feedback from Chatham-Kent young people, determine an on-going engagement plan with young people across Chatham-Kent, decide on priority items, identify community partnership opportunities, and communicate with Council.

The Advisory Group will consist of 12 members, aged 15-39, who work, live, or study in Chatham-Kent. Efforts will be made to gain membership that is reflective of Chatham-Kent's population in terms of race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, ability, and economic status. In addition members will represent diverse areas of knowledge, expertise, and interest, as well as the geography of Chatham-Kent.

Applications are now closed and the members are being selected. Check back soon to learn who the first CK to the Power of Young People Advisory Group members are!

Chatham-Kent to the Power of Young People (aged 15-39) - CKy Initiative

The Chatham-Kent to the Power of Young People (CKy) initiative consisted of two surveys and suggested action items to improve Chatham-Kent's ability to attract, engage, and retain young people aged 15-39. This initiative is a follow-up to an original CK Survey of Young People in 2012. To read full 2012 findings, click here: CK Survey of Young People 2012 findings.

The first survey was conducted in June 2017, to gain feedback from young people aged 15-39 years old on their experience living in Chatham-Kent. Check out the highlights in the CK Young People Feedback, Infographic.pdf. Full findings from this survey are available here: Chatham-Kent to the Power of Young People, 2017 Survey.

The second survey, the CKy Organization Survey, was conducted in March, 2018, and gained feedback on what community organizations and employers are doing to attract, engage, and retain young people. The findings from the second survey are available in the Chatham-Kent to the Power of Young People, Organization Report, 2018

Feedback gained from community members directs the work of RAR to attract and retain people (including young people, newcomers and active retirees) to Chatham-Kent. The findings from the June 2017 survey of young people have helped identify and refine four key focus areas for RAR:

Live (promoting the quality of life and amenities in CK)

Learn (promoting studying, training and co-ops & internships in CK)

Work (promoting employment and entrepreneurship opportunities in CK)

Play (promoting the things to do in CK and how community members can get involved)

The RAR team works with a wide range of community partners to help make all of this happen. Most importantly, we seek continuous feedback from the people who are connected to Chatham-Kent. Please join in on the conversation through our social media channels (@LivingCK and @baCK2CK), let us know what you think by emailing or calling us, tell your friends and family about life in Chatham-Kent!