Person writing in a notebook with the baCK to Chatham-Kent logo and "Student Connection Tool" overlayed on the bottom

When choosing where to live, young people report that employment is the top factor they consider, according to the 2017 CK to the Power of Young People (aged 15-39) – CK^y Survey from the Municipality of Chatham-Kent's Resident Attraction and Retention (RAR) area. In the same survey, 93% of respondents said they would like to remain connected to Chatham-Kent regardless of where they go, and 76% of those living outside of CK said they would consider living here in the future. Using this feedback, RAR has launched the baCK to Chatham-Kent Student Connection Tool to share CK employment opportunities directly with students.

The baCK Connection Tool is a way to encourage young people who have moved away for post-secondary education  or work to come back to Chatham-Kent and to ensure that students who are currently in Chatham-Kent will continue to thrive in the community. This is a unique opportunity to get career information that is tailored to their fields of study directly.

Those interested are asked to register their contact information, field of study, career interests, and expected graduation date if they are still studying. They will then receive tailored information via email for opportunities in Chatham-Kent to meet local employers, attend job fairs, or apply for jobs directly. 

Register here:

Those interested in sharing employment-related information with students can email with details.