Adam LudolphWhere did you grow up? 

Chatham, Ontario

What was your first job? 

Corn Detasseling

What is your favourite Chatham-Kent pastime? 

Hockey at some of our old barns. Great memories.

What is your favourite season? 

Fall would have to be my favorite season, from Thanksgiving, to Halloween, to the trees turning color. It is a thing of beauty. Also, because summer is too warm for a suit. P.s. I like suits.

Name an experience that has positively motivated you.

I have been extremely fortunate for where I am today. Many of the experiences that have positively motivated me have actually been some of my many failures. Sometimes it is hard in a small town to go out and be bold and risk failure. All of these experiences, as painful as some of these might have been, have really helped me become who I am.

What did you do after high school?

After high school, I went to the University of Windsor and took Kinesiology. My dream since I was a kid was to be a chiropractor. However, when I went to school, I found running businesses more fun than the prospect of being a chiro. I started my first company in 2009, Dangle Hockey. We did business in 5 countries and learned A LOT about the business world, and this all started from an idea of a t-shirt I wanted to make. After that, I joined College Pro Window Cleaning and learned how to become a manager and run a franchise. That prompted Investors Group to offer me a full time job before I had finished University. After much debate, I decided to not only accept the job but also to finish my degree that same year. It went great, I ended up in the top 7% of first years at Investors Group as a 21 year old. I built upon these experiences until The Co-operators came to me offering me a job to run their Chatham Agency and work at taking over ownership of the Chatham Branch.

What are you doing now? 

I am a Financial Advisor and help lead our team here at the Co-operators. I hope to take over ownership of the Chatham Agency in the next couple years. Financial Planning has become a real passion of mine. Every time I sit down with a client and get to go through all the things about money that we should have been taught in high school is extremely fulfilling. We change people’s lives by providing clarity and confidence in their finances as well as lower the stress and risk of something bad happening through insurance. I could not have hoped for a better career.

What is your #1 reason for choosing Chatham-Kent as “home”?

It is funny, as a kid you grow up wanting to leave Chatham. I actually don’t think it has anything to do with Chatham at all. I think that is natural for people who grow up in a small town because the grass looks greener in busy city. However, when you go to settle down and raise a family, there is nothing better than having a small community of people who care. Chatham is an incredible place to raise a family and I hope to do just that. Not to mention we have some of the cheapest housing you will find in Canada.