The Grass is Very Green in Chatham-Kent

The Muharrem Brothers: Sean, Metin & Dean, in England in 1989

The Muharrem brothers in England before
Dean's move to Chatham-Kent, ON in 1989

Let the story of the Muharrem family help you appreciate the sometimes forgotten  luxuries of living in Chatham-Kent. This is a friendly, supportive community that offers many opportunities. What a great place to call home!

You’ve heard it said that the grass is greener on the other side. Thankfully, when we take for granted benefits we’ve enjoyed for a long time, we sometimes need to take the opportunity to see our world through the eyes of others, like the Muharrem family. The Muharrem brothers, Dean, Metin and Sean, grew up in London, England, and were exposed to Chatham-Kent, Ontario at separate times in their adult lives. What each of them saw here was a place of safety, opportunity, beauty, and relaxation. Over the course of twenty years, all of the Muharrems have come to love and contribute to Chatham-Kent, their home.

The First Muharrem

The Muharrem legacy in Chatham-Kent begins with Dean, who was introduced to the area through his wife Margery. As a child, Margery had visited relatives in this area and had always wanted to live here. When she and Dean were married in 1989, they honeymooned in Chatham-Kent and in less than three years, the newlyweds immigrated to Canada to make Chatham-Kent their new home.

It wasn’t an easy decision for the couple to leave their family behind in England, but the opportunities Chatham-Kent offered were too hard to ignore and too ideal for a young couple with plans of raising a family. How could they pass up the friendliness and safety of Chatham-Kent? Being less than 30 minutes away from beaches? The benefits of being so close to the U.S. and Toronto? Being able to afford a nice home with a pool in the backyard?

They had weighed their options and found the grass greener in Chatham-Kent.

The Flock that Followed

Dean and Margery’s move opened the door to vacations in Canada for the rest of the Muharrems, who found Chatham-Kent just as appealing as their brother. Although Metin and Sean Muharrem took longer to immigrate here, both of their families had Chatham-Kent on their minds from their first visit. Metin, his wife Michelle and son, immigrated in August of 2004, followed by the Muharrem’s mother in 2010, and Sean with his two sons in 2011.

Regarding their transition to Chatham-Kent, Michelle Muharrem says:

“I always kind of thought that we would move to a large place after a short while in Canada, as I never really thought Chatham would be big enough for us, but after about two months in the community, I never wanted to leave. Every time I went somewhere to register or open a bank account, I always got a great welcome and really felt at home. After living here for 8 years, I really feel like Chatham is home. I think I really know more people in these 8 years than I did the rest of my life in London. I have none of my family members here…and still to this day I miss them all incredibly, but the life I have and the future I can provide for my two sons far outweighs this.”

In Pastures of Opportunity

After living in busy, competitive London, England, the Muharrems relocated to Chatham-Kent with a desire to give back to their new home. Without a doubt, the members of this family actively enhance our communities, and have felt rewarded for their commitment to Chatham-Kent.

Where are the Muharrems now?

Metin and Michelle Muharrem in front of their Winekitz store in Chatham, ON

Dean Muharrem is the Publisher and General Manager at Sun Media, and Margery is the owner of Professional Party Planners.

Metin Muharrem is an Account Executive for Blackburn Radio. He and Michelle also run Wine Kitz and Pure Choice Water at 395 McNaughton Avenue West in Chatham.

Sean Muharrem is the owner of Chatham-Kent’s newest food truck The Friendly Beast, which offers wholesome freshly prepared meals from burgers, wraps and fries to fish and chips, served as a special every Friday. Beverages, slushies and ice cream are also available.

A white and lime green food truck called The Friendly Beast. Tagline: Get a Feast from the BeastAs a very new Chatham-Kent resident and business owner, Sean speaks very highly about the opportunities here and how affordable starting a new business is in Chatham-Kent. He encourages prospective business owners to stay committed to this community and persist in the face of challenges that may arise. Chatham-Kent is full of loyal customers and clients who want to support local business, and there are many people within the municipality who can help you set up and succeed.

Chatham-Kent’s Best Assets

There are many attractive qualities that brought the Muharrems to Chatham-Kent, but there is one outstanding reason they choose to remain – the people. The family has a long list of standout residents who have helped each of them settle and start up their businesses. This list includes real estate agent June McDougall of Royal LePage, Police Sergeant Mike Curran, and councillor Derek Robertson.

If Chatham-Kent is going to outshine bigger, more famous cities around the world, it will do so for the quality of the individuals that make up our communities. Whatever part you play in Chatham-Kent, please remember to appreciate its many high points, and be an example of our treasured friendly, supportive character. You can help make the grass even greener in Chatham-Kent.