Two business owners standing against a yellow wall. The man wearing a chefs uniform with Spice and Curry embroidered on it.

Before Spice & Curry

Opening a restaurant was far from Shelly Sakhuja and her husband Rajnish's minds when they came to Chatham-Kent in 2001. After immigrating to Canada from New Delhi, India, the couple found themselves in Chatham-Kent, where they discovered their knack for business, running Home-ology in the Downtown Chatham Centre. As parents of two young children, the couple came to enjoy the friendliness and affordability of this community, and made Chatham-Kent their home.

For years, the Sakhujas were aware that Chatham was missing an Indian restaurant, but it wasn't until 2010 that they started thinking about opening one of their own. There were many challenges to consider before they could move from retail to the food business. However, by the end of 2011, both Rajnish and Shelly decided that they would bring Chatham-Kent an Indian restaurant at last - Spice and Curry.

Sweet Satisfaction – Indian Food in Chatham-Kent

Spice & Curry opened on August 13, 2012, and with Shelly's current co-owner, Gurmeet Singh, has been winning over a steady flow of customers, including experienced and novice eaters of Indian cuisine. Posts on their Facebook page testify to fantastic meals, great people and appreciation that Indian food is available in Chatham-Kent.

Positive feedback and excitement about Indian cuisine has been the most fulfilling part of the job. The restaurant has demanded more commitment, time and work from their family, but they feel blessed to be bringing high quality food and Indian dishes to their home community. An exceptionally heart-warming moment for Shelly was hearing a customer say "I've waited ten years, I can wait for an hour", when advised of the twenty minute wait for her meal. Spice & Curry is a great place if you appreciate freshly prepared dishes, healthy cooking methods, delicious flavour, and wners that take pride in their product and community. The restaurant staff are aware that some customers are unaccustomed to the menu and are happy to advise people.

49 Keil Drive South, Chatham, Ontario