A korean man named Master Sun wearing a martial arts uniform and with his fist out in a training roomSometimes life takes us on journeys we could have never imagined, to places we never thought we would go. For Master Sun Jung, a chance encounter on a train led him out of his native land of South Korea to build a Taekwondo legacy in Canada. Keep reading to learn more about Master Sun’s journey, and the impact he has made in Chatham-Kent.

Led by Fate

In 1986, Master Sun was on track to becoming a police officer in South Korea, when he learned that a Taekwondo instructor in Chatham, Ontario was looking for an instructor from Korea to join him. Having trained in Taekwondo since childhood, Master Sun decided to interview for the position, and was contacted as a successful candidate. Nevertheless, after giving the opportunity more consideration, Master Sun turned down the offer, acknowledging that he had not yet thought through the implications of immigrating to Canada.

Then months later, on a subway in Korea, Master Sun crossed paths with the same Taekwondo instructor from Chatham by pure coincidence. The unlikelihood of this encounter was enough to rekindle a sincere interest in immigration and a business adventure to Canada.

Sun’s Taekwondo

Shortly after this fateful subway ride, Master Sun immigrated to Canada, hosted in Chatham-Kent by the instructor who had hired him. The decision to change careers and become a Taekwondo instructor proved worthwhile. In 1988, Taekwondo was a demonstration sport in the Summer Olympics in South Korea, and Master Sun was given the privilege of sending one of his students, Yvonne Franssen, to compete in Seoul. Franssen brought home bronze, and Canada’s first Olympic medal in Taekwondo. The Olympics was the grand stage Taekwondo needed to gain popularity on an international level, as well as in Chatham-Kent.

Currently, Master Sun has approximately 200 students enrolled in his school, Sun’s Taekwondo. Students range from three-year-olds, to his oldest pupil, a woman in her eighties. Visit his website to learn more about the school, including some of its unique class types, like Taekwondo for families, where parents and children learn together. Master Sun is a highly skilled martial arts instructor, who encourages his students to enjoy taekwondo and work towards a well-rounded “gold medal lifestyle”.

Life in Chatham-Kent

Master Sun made Chatham-Kent home in 1986 and has enjoyed a great deal of success here. He believes fate is what led him overseas and helped him make Chatham-Kent home. On top of his career accomplishments, Master Sun has also enjoyed knowing many kind people in this area and the relaxed lifestyle available here.

As a Korean immigrant, Master Sun has also been an active participant in the local Korean Presbyterian Church and the Korean Canadian Association of Chatham-Kent, which gets together throughout the year for special events and holidays. If you would like to learn more, please contact Master Sun, using the contact information below:

Sun's Taekwondo
32 Massey Lane
Chatham, ON N7M 5W6

Phone: 519.351.1186
Fax : 519.351.1120       
E-mail : sunstkd@hotmail.com
Web: www.sunstaekwondo.com