Jorge Acevedo is a professional Agronomist from Guatemala, who has used his knowledge of biotech engineering to work in Central America, the Caribbean, and now Canada. As an immigrant, Jorge has encountered obstacles in his career, but his determination and genuine enthusiasm for his profession have enabled him to grow with his field.

Jorge immigrated to the United States before coming to Canada. not being recognized as a professional Agronomist at the time, he worked in the hospitality sector, while continuing to read, study and pay attention to the strides being made in the agronomy and natural resource fields. He pushed himself to improve his English skills and learn Canadian agronomy terminology, believing he would be able to work in this sector again.

When Jorge came to Canada in February of 2010, his hard work paid off. Jorge and his wife stayed in a hotel in Guelph, Ontario, where they found service providers to assist their transition to Canada and connect them to organizations that would help them look for employment. Very soon, Jorge was connected with the Ontario Institute of Agrologists (OIA).

The OIA has a project in place to bridge pathways to employment for internationally educated Agrologists. Through the program, Jorge was able to attend workshops, receive mentorship and network with professionals in his field. In just four months, Jorge was offered a dream job in Chatham-Kent, developing advanced corn hybrids. As an Agronomist and family man, Jorge couldn't be more happy that his career has brought him to Canada and to Chatham-Kent. 

Jorge's experience is an encouraging story of achieving success in a new country. His determination to work in his field definitely paid off, both for him and his employers in Chatham-Kent.