Get the Whole Picture logo in red and and blackCanada would not be where it is today without immigration. Chatham-Kent's future is brighter because of it.  

Canada has flourished through the impact of immigration. Waves of newcomers have settled in Canada and enriched our culture and economy with their skills, traditions and experiences.

Chatham-Kent has also been enriched by newcomers for years and immigrants have flourished here too. From the Black settlers in the 1800s, to the European immigrants of the 1950s, right up to recent newcomers from Latin America and Asia, our communities are enriched by the arrival of new people who have made important economic, social and cultural contributions. 

Get the Whole Picture Poster Series

Get the Whole Picture highlights the positive impacts that newcomers and immigrants are having on Chatham-Kent.  If you are interested in becoming a part of the Get the Whole Picture poster series, please contact us at

Poster of newcomer, Nicholas Gonzalez discussing why he chose to live in Chatham-Kent and how he is involved in the community.