Legal Services

Under the Canadian legal system you are protected and have rights to Canadian freedoms and responsibilities.


To learn more visit:

• Citizenship and Immigration Canada's - what you should know about Canadian Law

• Government of Ontario's Law and Safety section’s services and information related to the court and legal system

You need to learn Canadian law and your rights as a citizen in order to avoid breaking the law.

Use the Chatham-Kent Business and Directory to find a lawyer or other legal services by selecting “Legal Services” from the directory, choosing a sub-directory and a community.

You can also use the links listed below or to the right of the page under resources if you are looking for assistance with legal services:

• Legal Aid Ontario offers legal representation with a legal aid certificate, if eligible. Legal Aid is for low-income individuals and disadvantaged communities. Legal Aid Ontario will work with immigration and refugee hearings.

• Chatham-Kent Human Services & Justice Committee will plan services for individuals with serious mental illness involved with the criminal justice system. For more information call 519.436.6100

• Law Help Ontario has a list of resources to learn about the Canadian Legal system and your rights. They have two videos titled Working Effectively with Your Lawyer or Representing Yourself in Small Claims Court.

• Legal Line offers free information to Canadians

• The Human Rights Legal Support Centre offers you legal services if you have experienced discrimination.

• The Lawyer Referral Service helps you to find a lawyer with a free one-hour consultation. There is $6.00 fixed charge for each call made to the service.

Community Legal Education Ontario has information and resources on the following topics:

• Immigration and Refugee Issues

• Legal System - Mediation and alternative dispute resolution

• Youth Justice