You need to learn Canadian law and your Canadian freedoms and responsibilities as a citizen in order to avoid breaking the law. Use the Chatham-Kent Business and Directory to find a lawyer or other legal services by selecting “Legal Services” from the directory, choosing a sub-directory and a community.

To learn more visit:

  • Citizenship and Immigration Canada's - what you should know about Canadian Law
  • Government of Ontario's Law and Safety section’s services and information related to the court and legal system

You can also use the links listed below if you are looking for assistance with legal services:

  • Legal Aid Ontario offers legal representation with a legal aid certificate, if eligible. Legal Aid is for low-income individuals and disadvantaged communities. Legal Aid Ontario will work with immigration and refugee hearings.
  • Chatham-Kent Human Services & Justice Committee will plan services for individuals with serious mental illness involved with the criminal justice system. For more information call 519.436.6100
  • Law Help Ontario has a list of resources to learn about the Canadian Legal system and your rights.
  • Legal Line offers free information to Canadians
  • The Human Rights Legal Support Centre offers you legal services if you have experienced discrimination.
  • The Lawyer Referral Service helps you to find a lawyer with a free one-hour consultation. There is $6.00 fixed charge for each call made to the service.

Community Legal Education Ontario has information and resources on the following topics:

• Immigration and Refugee Issues

• Legal System - Mediation and alternative dispute resolution

• Youth Justice