Changing Your Address for Government Documentation

For many reasons, the government needs to know what your correct address is. The Provincial government offers the Integrated Address Change online tool, which allows you to electronically change your address with the following ministries:

  • Ministry of Transportation (for Driver’s License or Vehicle Permits)
  • Ministry of Natural Resources (Outdoors Cards)
  • Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (Health Cards)

To change your address on different provincial documentation, follow the directions outlined by the Government of Ontario.

You can also change your address online for your:

Setting Up Telephone Service

Bell Canada and Cogeco Cable are the primary telephone providers for Chatham-Kent, but others may be available in your area if you search the CK Directory under Utilities & Services.

Before you choose a telephone provider, it is a good idea to compare plans. If you have just moved  from another country or province in Canada, you will likely want a good long distance plan. Also remember that companies that provide multiple services, like telephone cable and Internet, often offer bundled packages, which are designed to save you money.

Once you have chosen a company, make arrangements for telephone service to begin on or before your move in date.

Setting Up Utilities (Water, Hydro, Gas, etc.) 

Use the Utilities & Services Directory on the right to search for utility companies. The information returned will connect you to our local water, natural gas, and electricity suppliers.

When setting up utilities, expect to pay a deposit fee that will credited to your account after one year of service. When you register for services you will enter into a contract regarding the payment plan agreed upon between the utility supplier and you.

Setting Up Cable & Satellite (Television)

There are many options for televised entertainment in Chatham-Kent. Use the Utilities & Services Directory on the right to look up cable and satellite television companies. 

If you live in a rural area you may be limitted to satellite television.

If you are interested in ordering cultural channels, discuss this with your cable or satellite provider, or consult

Setting Up Internet Access

Use the Utilities & Services Directory on the right to look up Internet providers. Do your research, and compare different usage and payment plans. If your Internet provider offers other services, it is a good idea to ask if the company offers a bundled package that can save you money on telephone, television and Internet.

Garbage & Recycling

Chatham-Kent provides garbage and recycling collection through its Waste and Recycling Services Department, which provides waste management to around 50,000 properties. If you have questions regarding garbage and recycling, contact:

Drainage, Asset and Waste Management
P.O. Box 640, 315 King Street West
Chatham, ON  N7M 5K8

Phone: 519.360.1998
Fax: 519.436.3240