Two story house with a porch and a large front yard
Purchasing a house is very affordable in Chatham-Kent, so it is feasible for most people to buy or rent their home. Our many communities and neighbourhoods also provide a variety of home environments to choose from. There are many options for you to create the home life you want in Chatham-Kent.


The low cost of living in Chatham-Kent allows residents to enjoy a high quality of life. Considering a move to Chatham-Kent? Visit the Chatham-Kent Association of Realtors' website to find out more about the region and to browse local listings.

Average House Purchase Price
London & St. Thomas$330,037
January-December 2017 based on statistics from the Canadian Real Estate Association.

Buying a Home

Housing costs in Chatham-Kent are extremely low compared to other cities in Ontario. Use the following websites to browse and search for a home that meets your criteria:

To learn more about buying a home, you can consult Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC). CMHC also has special information specifically to help newcomers who want to buy a home in Canada.

Building a Home

Building a home can be more expensive, but it is a good way to make sure your house is exactly what your family wants. If you are considering building a home, you should consult the Chatham-Kent Builders Association and request a homebuyer information package. Before you build your home, you must contact the Municipality of Chatham-Kent to request a building permit and own a lot for you to build on.

Money for Your Home

A mortgage allows you to finance the purchase of a home or property through a financial institution, like a bank, since very few individuals can make a purchase that large outright.

Canadian Bankers Association developed Mortgage Wise to help you choose the right mortgage plan. For more information about mortgages and government funding, visit the Canada-Ontario Affordable Housing Homeownership Program.

Rental rates for houses and apartments in Chatham-Kent are very reasonable and the rental properties available can cater to any family size. The Housing for Newcomers website can help you understand apartment rentals and contracts.

When you find an apartment or rental home, a co-signer and a reference may be necessary. The co-signer pays the rent if you cannot pay it every month. The reference is someone the landlord contacts to do a background check.

The following sites can help you begin your search:

You can also call or visit the Salvation Army (519.354.8353) for a list of rental units in Chatham-Kent.

Social Housing

Chatham-Kent Social Housing welcomes all newcomers and families in need of adequate and affordable social housing. Depending on the size of your income and size of your home, you may qualify for government subsidized housing.

If you are interested in social housing, contact:

Health & Family Services
435 Grand Ave W, Box #1296

Chatham ON N7M 5R9

Phone: 519.351.8573 (select option 3)
Fax: 519.351.6404