The rules of the road in Canada are different from other countries. To drive in Canada, you will need to learn the demerit point system.

You need to learn the traffic and street signs. To learn the rules of the road, it is very beneficial to read the Official MTO Driver’s Handbook.

Registering Your Vehicle

If you are moving from another province with your vehicle, register your vehicle within 30 days. This registration includes getting and Ontario license plate and a vehicle permit.

You have to validate your license plates on a yearly basis. The MTO will mail you a renewal application roughly 60-90 days before your birthday.

To learn more about your driver’s license and vehicle registration, visit or the Ministry of Transportation Ontario. For locations for the Ministry of Transportation Ontario Licensing Bureaus, please search the Chatham-Kent Business and Service Directory (at the top of this page). Select the “Government Services” directory, choose “Licenses/Permits” and select your choice of community.

Parking Permits

Chatham-Kent offers free parking throughout all of our communities.

Parking lots that charge for parking will have individual meters or require a parking permit.

Parking lots that have a fee to park will be marked with signage. If you do not pay for the parking spot you may be charged with a parking ticket. You can pay your parking ticket by mail to:

Municipality of Chatham-Kent - Civic Centre
315 King Street West
Chatham, ON N7M 5K8 

You may also visit this location or another Municipal Office (click link and scroll to Municipal Office Locations).