Are you looking to buy or lease a car? To view a listing of automotive dealerships in Chatham-Kent, please go to the Chatham-Kent Business and Service Directory. Select the “Automotive” directory; choose the “Dealers/Dealerships" sub-directory and select your choice of community.

If you would like to privately buy or sell a car visit:

• local newspaper classifieds

• the

• Kijiji

The Used Vehicle Information Package (UVIP) is needed to privately sell a car.

You can buy the UVIP, for $20, at the Driver and Vehicle License Issuing Office. You should ask to see the UVIP before buying the vehicle.

When you are looking to buy a new or used car think about the following items:

  • Which options and features do you want in a car
  •  Visit the bank to see if you can apply for a loan
  •  Visit a dealership in Chatham-Kent to test drive a car
  •  Check the automobile insurance cost of the car
  •  Find out the worth of the car by visiting
  •  If you buy privately, ask to see the used vehicle information package
  •  Have the car inspected by a certified mechanic. This may also include a Drive Clean Inspection on the car.

Car Repairs

  • Yellow Pages 
  • Talk to your dealership. 

The following websites are useful when buying or repairing a car: 


If you are considering buying an electric car be sure to visit this link to see if you are eligible for a financial incentive from the Ministry of Transportation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Needing more information? Check out the Ministry of Transportation's site for Frequently Asked Questions. Here you can find further information related to buying or leasing a vehicle.