a close up of a hand holding a pen, providing a signature at the bottom of a form If you are immigrating to Canada from another country, or coming to Ontario for the first time, some documentation will be required by the government as you move to Chatham-Kent.

Use the links below to access important information and forms regarding necessary documentation:

• Citizenship and Immigration Application Forms and Guides

• Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) Forms and Guides

• How to Apply For a Driver's License in Ontario

• How to Apply for a Social Insurance Number

• Online Birth, Marriage & Death Certificates in Ontario

Photocopy all of your documentation such as your driver’s license, health card, permanent resident card, SIN, and OHIP card.

It is important to keep copies of these documents in case you lose any of the cards or the official documentation. This will also help you in an emergency.

For local assistance with completing any of these forms, please contact our local settlement workers at:

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