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After Arriving in Chatham-Kent Checklist

Are you arriving in Chatham-Kent as a newcomer to Canada? The below steps will help you establish yourself in Canada, and settle in Chatham-Kent

Arriving in Chatham-Kent

1. Visit our local settlement organization, Adult Language and Learning.

2. Find temporary accommodations for your first nights in Chatham-Kent.

3. Exchange your money for Canadian currency at a bank.

4. Apply for the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP).

5. Apply for the Interim Federal Health (IFH) Program, a short-term health insurance program that provides temporary health insurance until you are covered by OHIP.

6. Apply for a Social Insurance Number (SIN). You are required to have a SIN to work in Canada.

Establishing Yourself in Chatham-Kent

1. Check out organizations that will help and support you as you get settled in Chatham-Kent.

2. Get a map of Chatham-Kent and find out about transportation in your area, including About Town and the community’s public transit system.

3. Open a bank account.

4. Look for permanent accommodations.

5. Arrange for someone you know to act as a reference or co-signer for your apartment and/or mortgage.

6. Set up your home with essential services such as utilities (water, heat, electricity) insurance and telephone.

7. Register your children in school.

8. Arrange childcare for your children if you will be working.

9.Find a family doctor

10. Look into your family's other heath care needs, especially the immunizations required by your children's school system.

11. Apply for an Ontario Drivers License.

12. Address your transportation needs. If you have a vehicle, make sure you have its registration documents and valid license plates

13. Visit one the Chatham-Kent Public Library's eleven branches to obtain a free library card and learn more about the various programs and services offered. You may obtain information in multiple languages as well as, use the public computers and Internet.

Looking for a Job in Chatham-Kent

1. Look into having your foreign credentials recognized (if this applies to you).

2. Begin your job hunt with the help of local resources.

3. Start volunteering to gain Canadian work experience.