Most employers advertise current job positions online, either on their websites, Facebook page, or on community job boards. Below are some of the most commonly used sites when looking for work in Chatham-Kent.

Job Boards

Public Job Boards

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Job Search Resources

Chatham-Kent has many organizations with staff to help you update your résumé and cover letter, prepare you for interviews, and provide local job market information. The following organizations can offer career counseling, training, and job search assistance: 

Adult Language and Learning (A.L.L.) provides support and assistance for newcomers, including language and pre-employment programs.

Employment Ontario offers online information about jobs and training programs. has a great resource on why you should get help to find work?

Newcomers to Canada need to take several steps before entering  the workforce:

  • Obtaining a Social Insurance Number (SIN): In order to work in Canada, all temporary residents, permanent residents, and citizens must hold a SIN. The application process should be a priority for all newcomers before they begin their job search.
  • Language Evaluation: If English is not your first language, you might be eligible for language instruction programs. In Chatham-Kent, Adult Language and Learning provides language instruction, ESL classes, and pre-employment programs for newcomers.
  • Accreditation: Having your educational and professional credentials recognized in Canada will help you in your search for a job. 


The accreditation of your international education will help Canadian employers, educational institutions and professional licensing bodies recognize them properly. This process can begin before you come to Canada. Ontario’s authorized credential evaluation organizations are:

Access Centre's Internationally Trained Worker Loan Program (Loan Program) is a flexible line of credit to assist with covering the direct and indirect costs related to foreign credential recognition. The loan may also help with other expenses related to help achieve employment that reflects international education, skills and experience. 

The following resources can also help you get your credentials properly recognized: