Family of four children and a mother at a public event.


There are many resources to help parents in Chatham-Kent, including the EarlyON program. Other resources can be found through our Public Libraries and the Ministry of Children and Youth Services, as well as the Childcare and Youth Services pages.


We want your child to be exposed to every opportunity possible. Please use the following links to inform yourself about the programs, activities, events and clubs available to your children:

baCK to Chatham-Kent

See why these people came "baCK" to  Chatham-Kent!


Newcomer Stories 

Newcomers describe Chatham-Kent in "Two Words" below. Learn more about others' experiences settling in Chatham-Kent in our newcomer stories section.


Active Retirees

Our community offers amenities and activities to help retirees and seniors enjoy life in safe communities and pursue healthy active lives. We have many resources and services geared toward seniors, as well as recreation opportunities for retirees.

Chatham-Kent Public Library

The Chatham-Kent Public Library (CKPL) has eleven branch locations across Chatham-Kent, connecting our communities with information and inspiration.

CKPL runs many programs and events, such as:

  • Storytime for infants and toddlers
  • Movies @ Your Library
  • Book Readings
  • Craft workshops
  • Computer Workshops

Click here to learn more about CKPL's Programs & Events.

You should also learn more about the CKPL's:

Places of Worship

Chatham-Kent has many places of worship that provide programs and services for individuals and families. These may include children's programs, special interest groups, support programs and services, and social events.