A group of people swearing the oath at a citizenship ceremony hosted by the Chatham-Kent Local Immigration Partnership

Adult Language & Learning

Adult Language & Learning (ALL) provides settlement services for immigrants, including workshops and information sessions to help newcomers learn about living in Chatham-Kent. For up to date information on monthly events, please see Adult Language and Learning's homepage.

Services offered include:

  • Classroom training in Literacy Basic Skills (LBS) and Essential Skills
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) classes
  • Immigrant Settlement Adaptation Program (ISAP)
  • Citizenship classes (Offered based on need)


Adult Language and Learning
240 King Street West, Chatham 
Phone: 519.354.7424
Fax: 519.354.5758
Email: info@adultlanguageandlearning.ca
Website: www.adultlanguageandlearning.ca

Centre Communitaire Francophone - Windsor, Essex, Kent 

Centre Communitaire Francophone offers services to school-aged newcomers through settlement worker placed in schools throughout the region.

Services offered:

  • Support for parents and tutors with questions regarding assimilation and integration
  • Assistance for families looking for resources and special assistance in their own communities
  • Counsel for school personnel, helping them understand the unique needs of immigrated children 


890 Walker Rd Unite A-1
Windsor, Ontario, N8Y 2N5
Phone: 1.519.948.5545
Fax: 1.519.948.7704
Email: reception@placeconcorde.org
Website: ccfwek.org

Chatham-Kent Public Library

The Chatham-Kent Public Library offers a variety of resources and information for newcomers and immigrants. For up to date information please follow the Programs and Events link, or contact your local library.

College Boreal

College Boreal provides LINC classes and Socio-economic Navigation Services for immigrants, including workshops and one-on-one meetings. These supports help create short and long-term education and employment plans that help with socio-economic integration and how to grow within Chatham-Kent. Collège Boréal is a publicly funded college with 7 campuses and 35 sites across Ontario.

Services offered at our Chatham location include:

  • Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC and CLIC)
  • Socio-Economic Integration Navigation
  • Bridging Program (Leadership and Management; & Healthcare Navigation)
  • Multilingual agents available to help


College Boreal
161 King Street West, Chatham 
Phone: 519.397.1677
Email: sheena.wieler@collegeboreal.ca

United Way of Chatham-Kent

United Way Chatham-Kent (UWCK) is committed to the engagement and participation of their resources to “improve lives and build community” in order to affect “well-being for everyone in Chatham-Kent”. For a full listing on the many programs, services and agencies supported, please visit www.uwock.ca.

Chatham Office:

The 425 – United Way Centre For Community Innovation
425 McNaughton Avenue West, P.O. Box 606
Chatham, Ontario N7M 5K8
Phone: 519.354.0430
Fax: 519.354.951

Tilbury Office:

Tilbury Information and H.E.L.P. Centre
20 Queen Street North, P.O. Box 309
Tilbury, Ontario N0P 2L0
Phone: 519.682.2268
Fax: 519.682.3771

The Chatham-Kent Gay Pride Association (Pride CK)

The Chatham-Kent Gay Pride Association promotes unity, inclusion, and awareness of sexual and gender diversity throughout Chatham-Kent. Most importantly, they aim to create a sense of community and a safe space for LGBT individuals, their families and their allies.


Places of Worship

Chatham-Kent is home to many active faith and religious communities. To find out more and get connected, visit 211 for places of worship.