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Community Support

Adjusting to life in Chatham-Kent doesn’t need to be done alone. There are many organizations and people who are here to help you make CK your home.

A group of people swearing the oath at a citizenship ceremony hosted by the Chatham-Kent Local Immigration Partnership

Adult Language & Learning

Adult Language & Learning (ALL) provides settlement services for immigrants, including workshops and information sessions to help newcomers learn about living in Chatham-Kent. For up to date information on monthly events, please see Adult Language and Learning's homepage.

Services offered include:

  • Classroom training in Literacy Basic Skills (LBS) and Essential Skills
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) classes
  • Immigrant Settlement Adaptation Program (ISAP)
  • Citizenship classes (Offered based on need)


Adult Language and Learning
240 King Street West, Chatham 
Phone: 519.354.7424
Fax: 519.354.5758

Centre Communitaire Francophone - Windsor, Essex, Kent 

Centre Communitaire Francophone offers services to school-aged newcomers through settlement worker placed in schools throughout the region.

Services offered:

  • Support for parents and tutors with questions regarding assimilation and integration
  • Assistance for families looking for resources and special assistance in their own communities
  • Counsel for school personnel, helping them understand the unique needs of immigrated children 


7515 Forest Glade Drive
Windsor, Ontario, N8T 3P5
Phone: 1.519.948.5545
Fax: 1.519.948.7704

Chatham-Kent Public Library

The Chatham-Kent Public Library offers a variety of resources and information for newcomers and immigrants. For up to date information please follow the Programs and Events link, or contact your local library.

United Way of Chatham-Kent

United Way Chatham-Kent (UWCK) is committed to the engagement and participation of their resources to “improve lives and build community” in order to affect “well-being for everyone in Chatham-Kent”. For a full listing on the many programs, services and agencies supported, please visit

Chatham Office:

The 425 – United Way Centre For Community Innovation
425 McNaughton Avenue West, P.O. Box 606
Chatham, Ontario N7M 5K8
Phone: 519.354.0430
Fax: 519.354.951

Tilbury Office:

Tilbury Information and H.E.L.P. Centre
20 Queen Street North, P.O. Box 309
Tilbury, Ontario N0P 2L0
Phone: 519.682.2268
Fax: 519.682.3771

The Chatham-Kent Gay Pride Association (Pride CK)

The Chatham-Kent Gay Pride Association promotes unity, inclusion, and awareness of sexual and gender diversity throughout Chatham-Kent. Most importantly, they aim to create a sense of community and a safe space for LGBT individuals, their families and their allies.

Places of Worship

Chatham-Kent is home to many active faith and religious communities. To find out more and get connected, visit 211 for places of worship.