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The Business Ventures Program (BVP) connects potential investors to small business opportunities in Chatham-Kent through a unique, customized website.

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Under "Your next venture starts here", indicate what you are interested in.
Select "I am an Investor" if you are looking for business opportunities.
Select "I am a Seller" if you are promoting a business opportunity in Chatham-Kent.

Click "Create Account" and complete registration.


A blue outline of Chatham-Kent with a magnifying glass looking at a brick buildingExplore or advertise small business opportunities in Chatham-Kent

In order to view the BVP listings, you must first register with your email address and create a user profile. You will also be asked to indicate your business interests and needs. You may register as a “seller” to list investor opportunities, or as an “investor” to browse potential investments. An email confirmation will be sent to you once your registration is complete, allowing you to access listings.



A group of four business people shaking hands and networking with each otherLearn about Chatham-Kent and its communities

Every time you login, the BVP website will showcase a customized list of business opportunities, targeted to your business goals and priorities. Some of these businesses are not advertised publicly, and will only list basic information (i.e. a location and business sector). More information is available for these businesses upon request. You can also learn about specific communities in Chatham-Kent by visiting the “Community Profiles” page.



A man in a suit and tie extending a hand for a handshakeConnect with business representatives or potential investors

If you are interested in learning more about a specific business opportunity, simply click on the “contact seller” icon, and the BVP will arrange for you to meet or speak with the owner or sales representative of the business.




A hand holding out a key with a blue key headStart your next small business venture in Chatham-Kent

Once you find a business opportunity that fits your needs, you may start your next venture! Our Economic Development Department and Small Business Centre can provide resources to help you achieve your business goals. Once a connection is made, all business acquisitions will be handled outside of the BVP.



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