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photo of boy reading a brochure

Brochure Swap

​Brochure Swap CK 2023 is back!

Do you own or operate a tourism business in Chatham-Kent? Are you a part of a community, or tourism organization and help promote tourism in Chatham-Kent?

If so, you need to attend Brochure Swap CK 2023. Registration is available on Eventbrite now. 

Meet us at 25 Creek Road in the parking lot, pop your trunks and tailgates, and swap your brochures with each other, it's that easy! Hosted by Chatham-Kent Tourism, this event is all about networking, learning about the amazing tourism offerings in our area, and - of course - swapping your brochures for the 2023 season! Even if you don't have brochures to hand out, but want to supply your awesome visitors with information, this event is for you.

We will be handing out the 2023 CK Insider to those who want to hand it out, so this is your chance to pick it up.

The event* is free to attend, pre-registration is required.

  • Choose a free ticket to register
  • Get your print materials ready (brochures, flyers, business cards)
  • Arrive between 5 and 5:15 to set-up (we encourage having two people if possible - one to swap and one to collect)
  • Bring a folding table, chairs and anything else you may need to display your materials on swap day or just leave your materials in your trunk/back of vehicle for ease
  • If you have nothing to hand out, just collect from others

*rain date TBD, we will proceed if there is light rain

For more information, please contact 

Shannon Paiva, Supervisor, Tourism Development, Municipality of Chatham-Kent ext 4263