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Stroller Policy

Ride CK's policy on using strollers on buses is for the safety of all passengers including children in strollers. Vehicles are not equipped with car seats, booster seats or tethers.

Riders are welcome to bring a stroller on Ride CK public transit vehicles subject to the following conditions:

  •  Strollers must be foldable and have a maximum size of 61 cm x 122 cm;
  • Riders may wheel their child on-board the transit vehicle, however the child must then be removed from the stroller and the stroller folded and secured in the device securement area at the direction of the Vehicle Operator. Mobility devices assisting those with a disability – including but not limited to wheelchairs – always take priority over strollers when there is competing demand in the device securement area;
  • Strollers shall not block aisles, interfere with other passengers, or otherwise be determined to be a safety risk by the Vehicle Operator;
  • The child must remain in care and control of the passenger

The Operator will not depart the bus stop until the stroller has been folded and stored.

Passengers unwilling to fold their stroller will not be allowed to ride.

When boarding or alighting a low floor accessible bus with a child in a stroller, you may ask the Operator to extend the ramp to ease boarding and exiting.