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Rider Behaviour Policy

Everyone is responsible for making a ride on public transportation safe and enjoyable. The Municipality of Chatham-Kent is committed to providing a safe trip for Ride CK passengers and a safe working environment for transit employees. Please treat Vehicle Operators and transit property with respect.

Behaviours which are not tolerated on Ride CK vehicles include: 

  • Verbal or physical harassment (including threats, inappropriate remarks, unsolicited touching, intimidation, leering, etc.) directed at Operators or other passengers
  • Using profanity, discriminatory language or any type of physical altercations while riding any Ride CK vehicle
  • Any behaviour which causes damage, in any form, to a Ride CK vehicle – graffiti, burn marks, etc. 

Should any of the above behaviours be observed on any vehicle, Operators have the authority to deny passengers the right to board vehicles or remove any passenger who may be causing disturbance or damaging the vehicle. Police may be contacted if the passenger refuses and continues disruptive behaviour.

If you feel you are subject to inappropriate or dangerous circumstances on a Ride CK vehicle, or on transit property, we encourage you to:

  • Notify the Operator – they will assist you
  • Report the incident to 519-436-3233
  • In an emergency, contact 911 immediately

Riders shall also adhere to the following:

  • Keep your voice at a reasonable and considerate level;
  • Listen to your personal audio with headphones and at a low volume;
  • Keep cell phones conversations to a minimum and at a low volume;
  • Avoid wearing strongly scented perfumes or colognes;
  • Wear a shirt and shoes at all times and practice good personal hygiene;
  • No smoking including e-cigarettes, personal vaporizers or other similar devices inside vehicles and at bus stops;
  • No use of recording devices on the vehicle, unless prior written authorization has been granted by the Municipality of Chatham-Kent;
  • No playing of any musical instrument, radio, portable media player or any other similar device, unless earphones are used at a volume which cannot be heard by any other person;
  • Litter (such as coffee cups, drink containers, food wrappings, gum) is the responsibility of the passenger and is to be placed in litter receptacles, where provided, or taken with you when you exit;
  • No firearms, prohibited weapons, toxic substances, flammable or explosive materials are allowed on the vehicle;
  • The transportation of large or bulk items will be permitted providing there is adequate room on the bus and the item(s) does not impede the safe operation of the vehicle. Riders are responsible for maintaining care and control of personal items at all times;
  • Passengers are to wear seatbelts where they are provided;
  • Passengers are to refrain from lengthy conversations with the Vehicle Operator;
  • No alcohol permitted, except where the alcohol is in its original sealed bottle, can or container, not displayed for public view;
  • Passengers are responsible for their personal belongings and Ride CK assumes no responsibility for any lost articles.