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Pet Policy

Passengers are allowed to board Ride CK vehicles with small pets, subject to the following:

  • Your pet must be secured in a pet carrier at all times
  • When seated, pet carriers must be carried on the passenger's lap
  • If standing is permitted on the vehicle, the pet carrier must be held by a standing passenger or be placed on the floor at the passenger's feet and kept out of the way of other passengers
  • Pet carriers must not be placed on seats or on top of any wheel well housing
  • Pet carriers must not be placed within aisles so as not to impede customer flow through the vehicle
  • All small pets must be acceptable (i.e. non-prohibited) according to the relevant bylaws and legislation of the Municipality of Chatham-Kent and the Province of Ontario

Excluded from this policy are service animals and guide dogs trained to perform specific tasks for persons with a disability. Passengers are responsible for their service animal at all times. The Operator may ask you to provide documentation from a health care professional stating that your service animal is needed due to your disability.