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Recurring Service Policy

A standing arrangement for recurring service may be available for Ride CK passengers using specialized transit or OnRequest transit.

Passengers may request a standing arrangement by contacting the transit operator at 519-436-3233. All requests must be for a trip using the same service at the same time between the same two locations. Recurring service can only be granted for trips occurring more than twice weekly on a regular basis (for example trips to work, school and/or regular appointments). Trips must be during normal operating hours of the service.

A standing arrangement can only be granted where there is the capacity to reliably execute the trip at the regular time requested, as determined by the transit operator. Requests are granted on a first-come-first-served basis.

Once your standing arrangement has been confirmed you must use the specific bookings at least 75% of the time over any three-month period, otherwise, your standing arrangement may be cancelled. Passengers who have schedules that change frequently are not eligible for standing arrangements.

All recurring service bookings are automatically cancelled on holidays. If you cancel a regular morning pickup, your afternoon ride is assumed to be cancelled as well, unless otherwise notified. Please note the operator is unable to guarantee both a regular pickup and drop off time for any one-way trip. For example, if your request is to arrive at your destination by a certain time, your pickup time to reach that destination may vary by as much as twenty minutes depending on service conditions on that particular day.