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Register & Reload Smart Cards

Online smart card registration and transit fare loading are now available for Ride CK services.

Register, Load or Purchase Smart Card Pass

*It can take up to 24 hours for the system to update.  Therefore, please make sure you load your Smart Card in advance to ensure the product is available when you tap your card on the bus. The system will use the current product until it is exhausted, i.e. a 30-Day Urban Pass will not be eligible for activation until the previous 30-Day Urban Pass has expired. A 30-Day Urban Pass will not be activated until it has been tapped on the bus for the first time.

Instructions for Online Card Loading

For detailed information on how to use the online loading portal click on the User Guide below.

Online Card Loading User Guide

*Please note the Affordable Pass cannot be initially purchased online but may be reloaded online. The Semester Pass cannot be initially purchased or reloaded online.

Why Register and Load Online?

  • Registration protects against loss or theft. Block your card and transfer unused balances or passes to a replacement card
  • Reload Cash Passes online from the convenience of your home
  • Set up auto-renewal or auto-reloading for the 30-Day Urban Pass and Cash Pass
  • Check your balance at any time
  • Order new cards online and have them mailed to your address or for pickup at any Municipal Centre
  • Manage multiple cards through a single account (great for social service groups!)
  • View your transaction history and print receipts for income tax purposes