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Priority Seating Policy

Designated accessible Priority Seating is available near the front of every Ride CK vehicle. These areas are marked with the accessible symbol or "Priority Seating" label. Priority Seating is for the use of passengers with a disability. If made available on Priority Seating, the use of seatbelts is a requirement under law.

Passengers who do not have a disability are expected to respect the legislated purpose of Priority Seating, which means they shall vacate the seat for a person with a disability.

Use of Priority Seating is on a first come-first served basis. A person with a disability occupying a Priority Seat is not required to move for another person with a disability. Passengers are asked to understand that not all disabilities are visible.

In the event the passenger occupying the seat chooses not to move for a passenger with a disability, the Vehicle Operator will not enforce the requirement.

Courtesy Seating

Courtesy Seating is intended to provide additional seating for passengers who would benefit from having a seat near the front of the vehicle, but do not have a disability. This includes but is not limited to seniors, expectant mothers, etc. 

Courtesy Seating is on a first come-first served basis. Operators will not intervene in any dispute related to Priority and Courtesy Seating.

We ask that passengers respect both designated seating areas and show consideration for those whose need is greater than their own.