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How We Operate

Service Planning

Ride CK service levels are determined by Municipal Council through the annual budget process. Service levels include the areas and communities served by public transit, the type of service available, hours of operation, schedule frequency, and vehicles.

Municipal staff work with our contracted service providers to implement these service levels in an efficient manner and in response to evolving community needs.

We are continuously reviewing our routes and schedules to ensure transit services run smoothly. Route performance is evaluated based on:

  • Number of riders
  • Operational costs and fare recovery
  • Community development plans
  • Boarding locations
  • Schedule performance
  • Public feedback

Minor changes to routes may be implemented during the year based on the above factors. Changes typically take place in July or September. All requests from the public are kept on file.

Bus Stops, Shelters and Benches

Ride CK follows an industry-standard walking distance of 400m – 600m between bus stops within an urban setting. Shelters and benches are available at some bus stops to protect riders from the weather and provide a place to sit.

Bus Stops

Ride CK has over 250 bus stops across Chatham-Kent. Many bus stops are well-known within their communities and have existed for many years. However, the location of a bus stop may change temporarily or permanently due to road construction or changes to the bus route.

When adding or moving a bus stop, we consider:

  • Vehicle access
  • Safety and security
  • Passenger access
  • Visibility
  • Proximity to popular destinations
  • Location of previous and next bus stop
  • Impact on other vehicle traffic

For enquiries about the bus stop or its signage, contact a Municipality of Chatham-Kent Customer Service Representative or complete our online feedback form.

Bus Shelters

Ride CK maintains approximately 30 bus shelters along its routes.

Riders may request a shelter or bench for their bus stop through our online feedback form. All requests are kept on file. When adding a shelter or bench to a bus stop, we consider and prioritize each request according to the following:

  • Number of boarding passengers
  • Exposure to the weather
  • Whether or not the bus stop is a transfer point between routes
  • Sightlines for pedestrians and traffic
  • Proximity to popular destinations or access by vulnerable populations
  • Physical space available at the bus stop
  • Access to underground utilities or solar exposure
  • Available budget for construction and ongoing maintenance

Bus shelters are maintained by a third-party contractor including garbage pickup and winter control.

Advertising Opportunities

Businesses have the opportunity to advertise their services in our bus shelters and on transit benches.

To advertise in a bus shelter, contact:

Adapt Media
1-866-275-3848 x199 

To advertise on a transit bench, contact:

Creative Outdoor