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OnRequest Evenings

​Ride CK OnRequest provides public transit service within Chatham after fixed route service ends at 7:15pm. Unlike the daytime fixed-route service, OnRequest requires riders to request a trip through a mobile app, web portal or by phone. The bus will pick you up at your closest bus stop and drop you off at the bus stop closest to your destination, while picking up other riders along the way.

Hours of Service

  • Monday - Friday (excludes holidays) from 7:15 pm to 12:45 am
  • The last trip must be requested before 12:10 am

Request a Trip - Three Ways

  • To request through our mobile app, download either the iOS or Android version onto your mobile device. Our Transit Agency code is CK.

Download the on-demand transit app on the Apple App StoreDownload the on-demand transit app on the google playstore

  • To request through the web, visit the OnRequest Web Portal and set up an account. An email address is required.
  • To request by phone, call 519-436-3233.

For technical troubleshooting, please visit the On-Demand Transit App help page.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ride CK OnRequest?

  • It is an on-demand transit service where riders must request a trip by mobile app, web portal or phone.

  • The bus will pick you up at your closest bus stop and take you as directly as possible, without transfer, to the bus stop closest to your destination. The bus will be picking up and dropping off other riders along the way.

Does this have any impact on the current daytime fixed routes in Chatham?

  • No.

Does it cost more?

  • No. The regular fare rates apply and passes are accepted. 
  • Riders pay upon boarding as usual. 

How far in advance can I request a trip?

  • Riders may request a trip in "real-time" or request a trip up to seven days in advance. 
  • Advanced trip requests will be monitored throughout the pilot and a policy may be developed in the future.

When will the bus arrive?

  • The bus can arrive anytime within 20 minutes after your requested pickup time or can drop you off up to 20 minutes before your requested drop-off time. 
  • You are requested to arrive at your bus stop two minutes before your pickup window to ensure you do not miss your pickup.

Can I request trips for myself and others who are with me?

  • Yes. When requesting a ride, indicate the number of riders travelling with you. 
  • When boarding, only the person who requested the trip will be confirmed by the driver, who will see the count of your party. Your entire party can board and pay at that time.

I use a wheelchair or another mobility device. Will there be space on the bus for me?

  • When requesting a trip please indicate if you use a mobility device under the "Wheelchair Count" field, or inform dispatch when requesting over the phone. The software will ensure a vehicle with wheelchair availability is dispatched.

Can I board the bus without requesting a trip?

  • The bus will only visit a stop where and when a trip has been requested. 
  • If you have not requested a trip and board the bus the driver has been instructed to allow the boarding – unless the vehicle is at capacity or is expected to reach capacity – and will enter your destination into the program. 
  • Please note that you may be on the bus longer if you board without a trip request as all other requests will be fulfilled first. 
  • To maximize service efficiency please ensure you request a trip. 
  • This boarding policy may be revisited during the pilot period.