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woman holding and looking at tulips in a field
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Beyond the Vase

Beyond the Vase - Tulip Experience

Watch the video online for a look into this incredible CK Signature Experience. 

Guests begin this 2 hour experience with a walk in the tulip field at Hat Trick Farms in Blenheim. When you arrive, all participate in a scavenger hunt style activity identifying a tulip or daffodil variety that fits the creative "personality" descriptions given on a game card. You will then choose one tulip to create your own tulip personality description while sipping virgin "Mint Tulip" drinks, our version of a Mint Julep. 

The next phase of the experience is back into the field to cut blooms for flower pressing. Guests will be shown how to cut, prepare and press flowers in a branded flower press you will take home. Using pre-pressed petals, the final part of this experience is creating an art piece as a group to demonstrate what can be done with their pressed flowers at home. This collaborative art piece will become a feature of future experiences. Along with the flower press full of petals, you will take home a floral frame to create your own art piece a few weeks later. For information on other tulip inspired activities, visit Hat Trick Farms online.

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