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Non-Violent Crime Severity Index

Current Trend

Since 2015, the non-violent crime severity index has increased from 78.80 to 85.56 in 2020, an increase of more than 12%. In comparison, the Ontario index had a much smaller percentage increase. It rose from 49.10 in 2016 to 50.57 in 2020, an increase of only 3%. 

Desired Trend

A decrease in the non-violent crime severity index.

Why is this measurement important?

In order to create a healthy and safe community, we need to ensure that individuals and families feel safe to live, work, and play within Chatham-Kent. Historically, the percentage of violent crime in Chatham-Kent has been lower compared to the Ontario average; however, the rate of non-violent crime has been higher than the provincial rate. Non-violent crimes include breaking and entering, theft, arson, and fraud. Poverty, unemployment, lack of social cohesion and local inequities contribute to crime.

How is this measured?

Monitoring the police index of non-violent crime.