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Environmental Sustainability

Where We Are

Chatham-Kent is often looked to as a leader in best practices by renewable energy developers, consultants and other municipalities with regard to negotiating and managing renewable projects in an effective and efficient manner. Although the community is only home to about 1% of Ontario's population, it currently supplies over 20% of the province's wind power capacity and just under 10% of all of Canada's wind power capacity. 

Chatham-Kent is now a net exporter of electricity due to the various renewable energy projects installed since 2008 and currently generates double the electricity that is actually consumed in the municipality.

Chatham-Kent is home to Enbridge, one of the energy industry's premier natural gas distribution and conservation firms.

Where We Want to Be

Everyone can make sustainable and renewable choices in all aspects of their lives.

Why It Matters

Chatham-Kent's prominence in energy matters presents the community with economic advantages through employment and enhances its reputation for use of new and emerging technologies.

How We Will Get There

We will continue to develop innovative approaches to addressing sustainable food production; resilient supply chains; protection and preservation of natural resources, such as soil conservation and protection from soil erosion; clean water; energy conservation; and the development of methods to become more carbon-free.

What We Are Working Towards

Management of Our Natural Resources

Our community protects and enhances our natural heritage and water resources.

Energy Conservation and Climate Change

Our community supports a culture of energy conservation and the development and implementation of a climate change action plan.