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​Where We Are

In Chatham-Kent, we have a long tradition of co-creation; collaboration between public and private institutions; businesses; and communities within the community to address challenges. We want to ensure that the concept continues to be a key aspiration for resilience and resilience building actions.

Where We Want to Be

We will have plans and partnership designed to protect our community during both the good and the bad times.  Bad times such as a sudden economic downturn, the loss of a major industry sector, a natural disaster.  Good times could be having the fore thought to have created a reserve in order to take advantage of an emerging opportunity that could benefit the community as a whole.  Our attention to resiliency within our community strategic plan will strengthen the foundation of our municipality, during both good and bad times.

Why It Matters

Resilience creates value. Our long term effort for a resilient Chatham-Kent will not only contribute to minimizing the risks and costs, but it will also create stability and safety; increase our welfare conditions, our spirit of entrepreneurship, and our investments and business development opportunities.

How We Will Get There

Our community strategic plan will include resiliency at this core and will consists of a range of existing actions and new actions, that support our vision and the values for co-creation, innovation and sustainable growth.

To address potential challenges and identify opportunities, we will focus on developing, integrating and implementing resilience across the various sectors and departments in the municipality to continue to improve our public-private innovation work.

Our work on resilience must be across the municipality, community organizations, economic partners, industry leaders, civil societies and the business community, to enhance our capacity and jointly turn challenges into new opportunities. It is also by joining forces with our existing and newly established partnerships that we aim to build resilience in Chatham-Kent. 

What We Are Going to Work Towards

To work collaboratively across public and private institutions to address our challenges and make resilience central to municipal plans.

  • Resilience will be incorporated into the forthcoming municipal plan, to secure full integration of future municipal and community development plans.
  • The Municipality will maintain a strategic financial reserve that can be used to respond to extraordinary adversities or opportunities.
  • The community will promote emergency preparedness with individuals, families, businesses and organizations.