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What is CK Plan 2035?

The Community Strategic Plan identifies the most important priorities for the community and outlines the objectives and actions necessary to reach the goals.

Where the community strategic plan leaves off, is where the business planning begins at the business unit level. This, in turn, drives the budget process and provides critical insight and information into how achievable the recommended objectives are, what resources are required to act on them and how they will be accomplished. The seamless integration of business unit business plans provides a tangible way of effectively implementing the community strategic plan.

This community plan is focused on four key strategic areas: Economic Prosperity, People and Culture, A Healthy and Safe Community and Environmental Sustainability. In addition, the Municipality of Chatham-Kent is committing to three critical success factors: Financial Sustainability, Open, Transparent and Effective Governance and Resiliency. 

In order to ensure this plan is successful, everyone in the community – from current residents and businesses to corporate partners and community leaders – needs to work together to make CK Plan 2035 a reality. It is also important to show progress on our goals; progress reports will be made available on our website in CK Plan 2035 Progress.

CK Plan 2035 will be the community’s guide for long-term growth and sustainability in our region. It is, therefore, imperative that we align decision-making, business planning and budgeting processes to the plan and the implementation priorities of Council and citizens. This Community Plan will ensure the immediate priorities of Council and its citizens are acted upon. Regular revisions to the Community Plan will be required to ensure responsiveness to emerging priorities, as we move to achieve the desired outcomes of CK Plan 2035.