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Economic Prosperity

Where We Are

Chatham-Kent is a thriving center of innovation, full of creative thinkers and entrepreneurs that are forging new paths and developing ground-breaking techniques and specialized processes. Advanced manufacturers, industrial production, agri-industries and technology companies in Chatham-Kent are sought out by centers of excellence from around the world for our innovative thinking and track record of success.

Where We Want to Be

Goal: People will fulfill economic opportunities locally according to their skills, abilities and training.

Why It Matters

Economic development at the municipal level involves the promotion of growth, accessibility and stability and establishing strong, cohesive communities and regional partnerships within the global market economy. Fostering municipal economic development requires strategy and cooperation to ensure a connection between the built environment, the social and cultural wellbeing of a community, and sustainable growth.

How We Will Get There

Enhancement of infrastructure, promotion of natural resources, community education and development of business-friendly initiatives and investment.

What We Are Going to Work Towards

Improve Infrastructure

Our community invests in essential infrastructure to maintain and grow our economy.

Grow Agri-Industries

Our community is a world-leader in agri-industries.

Cultivate Business

Our community works to increase business attraction, retention and expansion.

Develop Skills

Our community provides inclusive access and quality education to prepare citizens for current and future industries and life-long learning.