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Financial Position

Net Financial Assets (Debt) represents total financial assets less liabilities on our balance sheet.

Current Trend

There has been a consistently improving trend in this metric. In 2016, the financial position was 71,565,538. Meaning that the assets less liabilities were in excess of 71,565,538. In 2017, this indicator improved by almost 40% to 98,674,516. In the following year, it improved again by almost more than 35% for a metric of 134,876,022. In 2019, the metric continued the trend to increase to $157,962,715, an increase of more than 15%.  In 2020, the financial position increased to $202,584,071, a further increase (improvement) of over 28%. In 2021, the financial position increased by over 21%, to $246,788,482, continuing the trend of increasing each year.

Desired Trend

To be greater than 0.