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Key Box

A key box is installed at the entrance of the building close to the fire alarm panel. The key box allows the CK Fire & Rescue access keys to enter the building after hours.

Purchasing & Installing a Keybox

  1. A written request needs to be submitted to Chatham-Kent Fire & Rescue by email to or in person at any Municipal Service Centre.  
  2. The appropriate fee (Fee Schedule) must be included with the request in order to be processed. To pay for the key box, please contact Customer Service by calling 3-1-1 or 519-360-1998.  
  3. Please remind the Customer Service Agent to send an email to CK Fire & Rescue's Prevention Division confirming the purchase of the key box.
  4. A Fire Inspector then will contact the owner to meet onsite to confirm the location of the key box.
  5. The owner will be given the key box for installation and the Fire Inspector will keep the front of the box until the owner has completed the installation. The Fire Inspector will complete the Key Box Control Sheet with the owner's signature.
  6. When the owner has completed the installation of the key box, the owner will contact the Fire Inspector to set up a date and time to meet onsite. The owner will provide keys to be stored in the key box and the Fire Inspector will install the keys and the front cover.
  7. The Fire Inspector will then take a photo of the location of the key box and then enter the information into CK Fire & Rescue's department software.

If you have questions, please call Fire Administration at 519-436-3270 or email