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Fire Safety Plan

​A Fire Safety Plan is designed by the building owner to identify the actions that should be taken by the occupants and building management in the event of a fire or similar emergency situation.  In addition, actions are identified which must be implemented and documented, where required, in order to maintain fire protection systems and assist in the prevention of fire on the premises.  The fire safety plan, therefore, covers fire prevention, evacuation and emergency response.

This Fire Safety Plan Template has been created to assist building owners and supervisory staff in preparing a Fire Safety Plan, to achieve compliance with the Ontario Fire Code.  

Please use the enclosed information as a guide only and customize the information to reflect your property and existing fire protection systems installed and existing fire hazards.  The document must be customized to fit the requirements of your building.  Plans that are not customized to be site-specific will not be approved.

Should you require assistance while preparing your plan, please call Fire Administration at 519-436-3270 or email