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Structure Fire MSSC 201 Park Ave Chatham

Date of Incident: 2023-10-01

Time of Call: 15:55

Address of Incident: 654 Water Street Wallaceburg

Responding Stations:
               Station #1 - Chatham

Type of Incident: Structure Fire

Type of Building: Commercial

Approximate Loss: 15000

Cause: Undetermined

Comments on incident/response: Ladder 1 - Chatham, Ladder 2 – Chatham, Pumper 2 - Chatham, Command 1 – Chatham and Support 1 – Chatham responded to MSSC Chatham for a working stack fire on the roof of the plant. Firefighters battled the oil fire in the extreme heat on top of the furnace using dry chemical extinguishers. Chatham-Kent EMS was on scene assisting with firefighter safety, checking vitals as firefighters rehabbed from the heat. Firefighters remained on scene ensuring temperatures dropped in the stack. No Injuries reported and damage is estimated at $15,000.