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Today is Test Your Smoke Alarm Day in Ontario

CHATHAM-KENT (September 28, 2023) – Chatham-Kent Fire & Rescue is joining communities across Ontario today asking everyone to take a minute and to ensure that they have working smoke alarms installed in their home. “Saved by the Beep” is a provincial wide initiative led by the Ontario’s Office of the Fire Marshal. 

Last year, Ontario lost 133 people to deadly fires – the highest number in over 20 years. Many of these fires were found to have no working smoke alarms.

“In Ontario, we’ve seen a significant rise in fatal fires and the number of people we have lost in these fires is very concerning,” said Ontario Fire Marshal Jon Pegg. “Entire families have been lost to fire and the most troubling part is that the majority of these fires did not have a working smoke alarm in the home. Had there been working smoke alarms, and a well thought out and practiced home fire escape plan, these deaths may have been prevented.”

The Office of the Fire Marshal (OFM), with the support of fire services and fire safety partners across Ontario, is asking Ontarians to regularly test their smoke alarms with a challenge to test all smoke alarms in their residence on September 28.

CKFR is also preparing for our local CHiRP Day in CK, taking place on October 21st.  Firefighters from all 19 fire stations, along with community partners will be taking to the streets across the municipality. Crews will be knocking on doors to connect with residents and talk about fire safety and check alarms in their homes.

Chatham Kent Fire & Rescue’s CHiRP program provides residents with fire safety education, while checking, testing, and replacing smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. 

Last year CKFR visited over 750 homes and installed hundreds of alarms during CHiRP Day in CK.

“This is the second annual CHiRP Day, a department wide event aimed at getting out into our community,” explains Fire Chief Chris Case. “We know that working alarms prevent fire fatalities – so this is what we do – we visit homes, we chat about fire safety, and we install alarms. Simple and extremely effective.”

During the month of October, firefighters will be promoting CHIRP Day in CK by visiting schools across the municipality and handing out swag, while talking to students about fire safety.

Watch for fire trucks on local streets on October 21st for CHiRP Day in CK!