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CK Fire Master Plan

CK Fire & Emergency Services is looking for community input to help make Chatham-Kent a safer community. CK Fire is developing a Fire Master Plan, which outlines emergency services planning for the next 10 years.

Everyone in CK has the opportunity to complete a short questionnaire to provide input into the development of the plan. To assess the survey visit Let’s Talk CK.

“The Fire Master Plan will be informed by the Community Risk Assessment, legislation, industry best practices, Chatham-Kent Fire and Emergency Services, and community input and is intended to guide the Municipality’s fire services for the next ten years,” explains Assistant Fire Chief Adam Walters. “Dillon Consulting who has been retained by the Municipality of Chatham-Kent to undertake a Community Risk Assessment and Fire Master Plan.”

The Fire Master Plan is a strategic document that will guide Council for the next ten years in providing effective and efficient fire protection and emergency services in CK. The plan will aim to enhance the use of the Three Lines of Defence (Public Education and Prevention, Fire Safety Standards and Code Enforcement and Emergency Response) model to support fire risk reduction and mitigation.

The Community Risk Assessment will identify CK’s needs and circumstances, based on fire risk, and the Fire Master Plan will assess current and future levels of service and programs provided by Chatham-Kent Fire and Emergency Services.

For additional information, please contact:

Whitney Burk

Public Educator

Chatham-Kent Fire & Emergency Services