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CKFR Suggests Attending Professional Fireworks Display for Canada Day Celebrations

Chatham-Kent Fire & Rescue is asking CK residents to be extra careful when celebrating this Canada Day long weekend.

CKFS recommends leaving the fireworks to the experts and attending a professional display.  

If you choose to have a family or an informal neighbourhood fireworks display, remember there are responsibilities for selling, purchasing, storing, and setting off fireworks.  Make sure you are purchasing fireworks from a trustworthy seller and never leave fireworks in your car, they need to be stored in a cool, dry place – out of the reach of children.

“Although we always encourage attending professional fireworks displays, if you do discharge fireworks, please make sure they are away from any combustible materials such as buildings, trees, or dry grass and keep a hose or pail of water close by,” explains Community Safety Officer Whitney Burk. “We also want to advise parents to keep sparklers away from children. Hot sparklers can burn and cause serious injury to your child. Celebrate with glow sticks and other glow-in-the-dark items.”

Consumer fireworks can be set off 3 days before, on and 3 days after July 1st until 11pm and must be set off on private property, not municipal property (streets, parks, etc.). Firecrackers are prohibited.

For more information, visit Fire & Rescue | Seasonal Fire Safety ( Review the CK Fireworks By-law here Fireworks By-law 56-2016 (