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CK Fire Reminding Residents to Stay Safe this Holiday Weekend

CHATHAM-KENT (May 19, 2023) – Chatham-Kent Fire & Rescue (CKFR) wants everyone to be safe this holiday weekend.

The Victoria Day long weekend marks the beginning of many outdoor activities, including campfires.

Campfires in a non approved burning device (fire pits, fire rings, etc.) require a Recreational Campfire Permit. Small fires that are contained inside an Approved Burning Device do NOT require a permit. An Approved Burning Devices means a device made from pottery, metal, or masonry, with a firebox that is no larger than 60 centimeters or twenty-four inches in diameter, located in an area that will not pose a risk for fire spread.

“If you are having any type of campfire, please be respectful to neighbouring homes,” explains Public Educator, Whitney Burk. “Make sure the fire is controlled such that flames, and hot embers do not pose an undue risk and use clean and dry wood, charcoal or briquettes.”

CKFR is also reminding residents that fireworks can be extremely dangerous, causing fires and serious burn injuries. To minimize your risk, CKFS recommends attending public fireworks displays.

If you choose to have a family or an informal neighbourhood fireworks display, remember there are responsibilities for selling, purchasing, storing, and setting off fireworks.

Retailers can sell fireworks from now until Canada Day. The sale of fireworks is then prohibited until ten (10) days prior to New Year’s Day.

Never store fireworks in your vehicle. Fireworks should be stored in a safe cool dry place away from where children could access them.

Fireworks can be set off three (3) days prior to and three (3) days after Victoria Day (May 22, 2023) until 11pm. Setting off fireworks on public property (parks, streets, etc.) is prohibited unless permission from the Municipality is obtained.

Firecrackers are strictly prohibited.

“Appoint a responsible person to be in charge and always carefully read and follow the directions on fireworks packaging. Light only one firework at a time and only when they are on the ground and keep a hose or pail of water close by.” explains Public Educator, Whitney Burk. “Also, keep sparklers away from children. Hot sparklers can burn. Instead give kids things like glow sticks and other light up items.”

To learn more or to obtain applications, visit