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CHiRP Day in CK

Chatham-Kent (October 24, 2022) – This Thursday, October 27th is CHiRP Day in CK. Firefighters from all 19 fire stations, along with our community partners will be taking to the streets, knocking on doors, and visiting homes to talk about fire safety and check your alarms.

Chatham Kent Fire & Rescue’s CHiRP program provides residents with fire safety education, while checking, testing, and replacing smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. 

“This is the first time we have had a department-wide event like this, and I am extremely proud of the commitment from all our firefighters,” explains Fire Chief Chris Case. “We know that working alarms prevent fire fatalities – so this is what we do – we visit homes in our communities, we chat about fire safety, and we install alarms. Simple and extremely effective.”

Firefighters have been promoting the event by visiting schools across the municipality this month for Fire Prevention Week.  Giving out swag and talking to students about fire safety.

Watch for the fire trucks on local streets on October 27th for CHiRP Day in CK!