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Cultivating Knowledge

Education is highly valued in Chatham-Kent, and the region is home to numerous public and private schools, as well as two post-secondary institutions. Students in Chatham-Kent have access to quality teachers and programs at all stages of their education. Cultivate knowledge and achieve your goals in Chatham-Kent!


Graduating students from Chatham Christian School participate in a tree planting ceremonyCurrent Students and Recent Graduates:

Are you a current student or recent graduate? Learn about local employers who might need your skills and knowledge by reading our Employer Profiles. Students interested in a career in the trades can find helpful tips about apprenticeships and college programs here. Click here to learn more about post-secondary education, or explore the interactive "Learning Pathway" below.

International Students

Every year Chatham-Kent is delighted to welcome international students from all over the globe. Whether you are studying in Chatham-Kent for a few weeks or working towards a diploma from one of our secondary schools or post-secondary institutions, you are a valued part of our community!

Interested in learning about schools and programs in Chatham-Kent? Explore the interactive “Learning Pathway," below. Information about accommodations, fees, and other community services for international students can be found here. Are you an international student who would like to stay in Chatham-Kent after graduation? Browse profiles of local employers to find out what skills are currently in demand, and visit the International Student page for information about obtaining a work visa.

Young girl in front of a school busNewcomers

Have you recently arrived in Chatham-Kent or is your family considering a move to the area? Your family can choose from a number of schools and programs to suit the interests and career goals of your children. The interactive "Learning Pathway," below, offers an introduction to education in Chatham-Kent. More information about schools and programs for children ages 4-18 can be found here.



Adult Education/Continuing Education

Learning is a lifelong process, and there are plenty of educational opportunities for adults of all ages and abilities in Chatham-Kent. Whether you want to earn an Ontario High School Diploma, improve your English, or take courses that will further your career, Chatham-Kent's many institutions and community organizations will have a course or program for you. For more information about programs and course providers, click here. 

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