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Chatham-Kent is home to many newcomers and immigrants — some who have just put down roots and others who have established a family legacy here. Our history is rich with stories of immigration and our future is brighter because of it.

Scroll down for encouraging stories of immigrants who have chosen to live in Chatham-Kent!

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Canada has flourished through the impact of immigration  from the Black settlers in the 1800s, to the European immigrants of the 1950s, right up to recent newcomers from Latin America and Asia.

Get the whole picture of immigration in Chatham-Kent through the stories of local newcomers!

The Muharrems

Let the story of the Muharrem family help you appreciate the sometimes forgotten  luxuries of living in Chatham-Kent. This is a friendly, supportive community that offers many opportunities.

Brian Machado

As the owner and head chef of the Chatham Breakfast House and Grille, Brian Machado makes a positive statement about Chatham-Kent through his world class culinary offerings. His story explifies the opportunities available here.

Dick Bulsink

In 1982, Dick Bulsink left his home in the Netherlands to take over Stekelbos Watch & Clock Repairs in Wallaceburg. This story demonstrates the rewards of integrity and courage, and the value of succession planning.

Master Sun Jung

A chance encounter on a train led Master Sun Jung out of his native land of South Korea to build a Taekwondo legacy in Canada. Keep reading to learn more about Master Sun’s journey, and the impact he has made in Chatham-Kent.

The Dutch Market

Charles Huls, son of Dutch immigrants, has been building up his business The Dutch Market to become the major European imports giant it is today. Since 1987, he has been cultivating growth and creating opportunities for many in Chatham-Kent.

Schinkel's Legacy

Schinkel’s Legacy in Chatham-Kent processes and distributes quality meat across Ontario. Its name captures the significance of the Schinkel’s story and the example that the Schinkel family has inspired us with: support our community and local businesses.

Joseph Grootenboer

Thunder Bay native Joseph Grootenboer demonstrates the passion, faith and hard work required to cultivate a small business venture. As owner of River Bell Market Garden in Dresden, Joseph has a fresh vision for the future of Chatham-Kent's farm-to-table agriculture scene.

Terry Johnson

Since coming to Chatham-Kent from England, Terry Johnson has helped grow his business into an incredibly successful international company. His insights into business growth speak to the benefits of planning for the future and embracing cultural diversity in Chatham-Kent.

Karel & Cheryl

Karel Vitamvas and Cheryl Knight moved to Chatham-Kent in 2011 and have truly made their home here. The success of their small business CK Spices, Coffee & Teas in Wallaceburg exemplifies what can be accomplished when you are committed to your community and care about your customers.

Watch Newcomer Videos

A man in japanese chef attireTwo Words

Local newcomers and other residents describe what Chatham-Kent means to them in two words. [1:01]

A man and woman in two separate photos about to speakWelcome Home to Chatham-Kent

A diverse group of local newcomers discuss why they love Chatham-Kent and reveal the opportunities they are able to take advantage of locally. [12:44]

I Love Chatham-Kent

Local newcomers and other residents discuss why they love Chatham-Kent [0:40]


Newcomer Employment Stories

Dan Levesque

English and French [1:56]

Dr. Will Saxena

English and Hindi [2:57]

Derek Conley

English [1:10]

Newcomer Entrepreneurship Stories

I Love Chatham-Kent (Business)

English [0:55]

Hugo Ramos

English and French [1:56]

Mike Hatfield - English

English [2.46]

Mike Hatfield - French Subtitles

English and French [2:46]

Rudy Zubler

English [2:43]

Newcomer Education Stories

Amir Naveed

English [3:19]

Anthony Dube

English [1:44]

Lynn McGeachy Schultz and Enjum Efroz, St. Clair College

English [3:40]


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