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Agricultural Profile

Agriculture is a significant part of life in Chatham-Kent, impacting our economy, leisure activities, festivals, eating and shopping habits. Our many agricultural businesses, including Guelph University’s Ridgetown Campus—one of Ontario’s leading agriculture-focused learning institutions—keep Chatham-Kent at the fore front of agricultural research and innovation. In Chatham-Kent, "We grow for the world".

Food Industry in Chatham-Kent

Chatham-Kent has some of the richest agricultural land in the country, and prime conditions for many agricultural operations. Our communities all benefit from the success of our agricultural businesses and many family farm operations. Some agri-based firms in Chatham-Kent include:

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Employer Profile:
Truly Green Farms - Chatham

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Food for Thought

Bright sweet red peppers being sorted inside a clean white warehouse

Photo courtesy of
Chatham Camera Club

A study of the food industry growth trends in Southwestern Ontario identified Chatham-Kent as a good location for the following: vegetable processing, food use soybean production, and processing and value-added farm marketing, such as pick-your-own farms. Chatham-Kent is also a leader in the greenhouse sector, which continues to grow mainly in pepper production for the U.S. market.

  • Chatham-Kent is the NUMBER ONE producer of tomatoes in all of Canada
  • Chatham-Kent is the NUMBER ONE producer of seed corn in all of Canada
  • Chatham-Kent is the NUMBER ONE producer of sugar beets in all of Ontario
  • Chatham-Kent is one of the top producers of Brussels sprouts in all of North America
  • Chatham-Kent produces approximately 20% of all vegetables grown in Ontario
  • Chatham-Kent produces approximately 25% of all green peas grown in Ontario
  • Chatham-Kent produces approximately 25% of all cucumbers grown in Ontario

Green & Renewable Energy

Three windmills in a bright green field, against a bright blue sky, by a gravel road

Port Alma Windmills
Photo courtesy of Paul Schmoldt

Chatham-Kent is at the forefront of pursuing sustainable energy sources. Wind and solar energy projects are growing in Chatham-Kent. They include Kruger Energy’s 101-megawatt Port Alma project and GenGrowth-Boralex’s Wind Projects.

The University of Guelph – Ridgetown Campus is also home to the Centre for Agricultural Renewable Energy & Sustainability (CARES), paving the way for progress in on-farm renewable energy technologies. CARES is the first of its kind in Canada. IT is the first research and demonstration facility that will test new technologies and further develop them for readiness of on-farm applications.

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